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Commtest has new offering of Analyzers  VB-5 VB-6 VB-7 VB-8

Pro-Vibe Conditon Monitoring |  N7505 540th Street  Menomonie, WI.  54751
Phone: 715-235-0233  Cell:  336-267-6291 |  Fax: 715-235-0390
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Coast to Coast Utilization of Predictive Maintenance
allows 100% Uptime for you.

Predictive Maintenance Services

Pro-Vibe’s Anti-Vibe Solutions

Report Generation for VB Analyzers Ascent or CSI Mastertrend Software!
Balancing Trane Chillers (CVHE/F)
Balance infield Fans and Cooling Towers
Laser Alignment on Pumps, Cooling Towers,
and open drive chillers
Vibration Diagnostics on all HVAC Equipment
Sound data collection Diagnostics
Corrective action on Fans, Belt Laser alignment
Ultrasonic Testing
Commission Vibration Testing and Reporting

Consulting And Training Services
Ascent Software assistance utilizing 
Training Video's via Sony Walkman

Pro-Vibe for Predictive Maintenance Services