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Vibe Reports: Chillers, Fans, Pumps, Cooling Towers

Pro-Vibe can provide: 
Chiller reports for manufacturer's (Carrier, McQuay, Trane, York) chillers.
Reports for Centrifugal, Screw, Scroll, & Recip type chillers.
Custom formal reports can be generated from readings on CSI Mastertrend data files or VB Series Analyzers data files.
Just Email your data files to  and the reports will be generated.
CSI or VB Series Analyzers can also be rented so you can collect vibration and current readings.

Rental Fees: $121.50 per day to $525 per week plus shipping & Insurance $5,000 coverage.

Reports for commissioning can be performed in an Access Database and converted to the Adobe .pdf format.
All machine reports are normally produced in the "WORD" or "PDF" file format.

Pricing on HVAC Equipment Vibration Reports: 2018-2019:

Chillers/Air Compressors: $86.50
Fans, Pumps, and Cooling Towers: $45.50
Commission reports: Call for Pricing

In Field Balancing: Chillers, Fans, Cooling Towers

Fan vibration Analysis: Corective Methods of reducing vibration levels

Alignment: Pumps, Cooling Towers, Close Coupled Chillers

VFD Sweep analysis on Air Handlers, Cooling Towers, etc.

Sound testing, Nebb Commissioning, Noise levels and Sound analysis to identify noise sources

Training:  Ascent Software, CSI Mastertrend Software, HVAC equipment measurements, Vibration knowledge and terms.
Infield Balancing, Bump testing, Resonance identification, Waveform Analysis.
Call for Quote:  435-714-3945 or 336-267-6291

Thermal Imaging:  Infrared Thermal images, on Electrical, Couplings, Bearings

Non Invasive water flow measurements

Commissioning Services on New Equipment for New Buildings or on any new equipment before the building owner takes over the building.  Drive units to have levels less than .3 ips and driven units to have less than .2 ips at all drive or driven speeds.  Early detection of bearing wear can also be identified.  Very good time to perform VFD sweep and any equipment with variable speed drives.

Contact Pro-Vibe for generation of any HVAC Equipment Vibration Reports.  E-mail any Ascent (Commtest) or CSI data file to Pat at  Or Brian at and Pro-Vibe will generate a vibration report and e-mail a word or pdf file back.  Customers also have access to the latest HVAC templates for VB Commtest Ascent software and CSI software.