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Date: January 1, 2012

Pro-Vibe Condition Monitoring

Ascent 2011 is available online at when you input your email address and login passcode.

This upgrade allows for manual inputs on all templates on all VB analyzers. I have these templates available as of January 1, 2012.

Call Commtest USA office in Knoxville, TN. for assistance. Check the Website for details.

Option I
If your company would like to start by renting an analyzer and have your technician perform the data collection. Rental fees are $105 per day, $425 for the week. You also pay shipping, insurance $5,000 coverage, and report costs. The jobsite routes are preset in the analyzer and the unit is ready to collect readings.

Option II
If you prefer to have some training prior to letting your technician collect readings. We can arrange a one or two day training session at your site before you start your internal vibration program. I can go over the basic operation of the analyzer and if time permits I can also cover balancing of fans/chillers.

Option III
Contract Pro-Vibe to collect readings for your customers. Collecting vibration readings on a large numbers of equipment and generating the reports is also another level of service I would be glad to provide. This is also cost affective method of performing commissioning jobs on equipment in new or existing buildings.

Whatever vibration program you decide for your company Pro-Vibe can help provide the training with onsite visits.
Pro-Vibe can also provide a calibration check of your analyzer, accelerometer sensors, and cables on a scheduled basis. Included a sound calibration for your sound level meter. Performing the calibration assures you that all of the equipment used in your program is still functioning properly.
Additional training on the software can be accomplished by getting your IT person to allow Pro-Vibe to take remote control of the computer that has the vibration software loaded. This will reduce training costs significantly. Training by phone and operating the computer remotely can be performed whenever you need assistance. The internet training eliminates the travel and per diem costs. Training using this method is set at $85 per hour.

Generated reports for chillers/air compressors is set at $75.00. (Fans, pumps, and cooling towers is set at $39.50).

For all other services listed on this web site call for a price quote. Chiller Balancing, Fan balancing, Laser Alignment, or Pro-Vibe training.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you!

If your present vibration technician has any questions that I maybe able to help with on a phone call do not hessitate calling. Cell (336-267-6291) or Lan line 715-235-0233 or you can make a request using this web sites "Request Form".