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Accessories Required for any Analyzer:  Stud mounting adaptor on Roller element bearings,  balancing, Safely collecting fan and tower readings, and current clamp for those motor current readings

Commtest Analyzers VB-5  VB-6  VB-7  VB-8


Shaft Hog Laser Alignment tools  Call for Quote!


Motor Current Clamp:  Fluke i1000s  Check your local Grainger or google Fluke current clamps.  Try this website $450 each

30-40 foot long cables with accelerometer and Earth Magnet.  BNC on the connector end.  These are required when collecting cooling tower data on the gearbox and when collecting data and balancing air handlers that are not safely collected by using the coiled cable collection.  I have a limited supply of intregal cables that I can offer for $250 each until supply is gone.  After that contact the IMI or PCB link on this web site for the same intregal cable with BNC connector and purchase the earth magnets from the Porter Max site also on this sites links.

Cooling Tower and Air Handler Measurements and Balancing:  (5) long Cables 30' or greater with permanent accelerometers and magnets.  $245-$350 each cable.  I have a small supply of intregal cables with cable lengths 30' and longer.  Call early for a quote!

Balancing Calculator--Visit this web site to purchase a balancing wizzard for balancing needs.  $595 plus shipping of $8--

Balancing Tach:  Purchase a Monarch Laser Tach model number PLT200  $200 each  Make sure you have the cabling to get from the tach to your analyzer.  Connectors vary depending on the type of analyzer customer utilizes.  Check link on this site for Monarch Tach.

Balancing Scale:  Check with link on this website or check also.  Acculab Pocket of Acculab Pocket Pro  $200-$350

Stud adapter:  Use with all CVHE/F axial measurements to get all the data.  May have to have made locally.  CSI used to supply, but they no longer have the NC-13 to 1/4-28 adapter.  I do not have a machinist that I have found to make these yet.   $50-$100 range.

Balancing weights:  Fan weights that cover all the different types of fan blade styles.  FC, Air Foil standard, Air Foil Widemouth, BI, etc.  Have several of each weight.  Website on this site can be used to purchase.

Chiller balancing Weights:  1/4-20 thread machine screws and washers of various sizes.  Contact Fastenal or other connector outlet!

Hand held probe:  Use to measure lower frequency measurements where customer has insulation covering the measurement locations.  Common on Chillers.  Have a machine shop make up with 1/4-28 thread.  3-6 inches long with 3/8 inch diameter.  When I find a machinist to make the adaptor studs I will see if he can make these as well.

Balancing Markers--Nissen Paint Markers:  Check website google to find a place that handles.  I use to mark the CVHE shaft so the reflection is only from the reflective tape.  (Black marker)  They have Black, Red, Yellow and White markers.

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