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Pro-Vibe Condition Monitoring
Pat Michels
N7505 540th Street
Menomonie, WI. 54751

Predictive Maintenance Services
Vibration Analysis, Report Generation, Balancing, Laser Alignment, Sound Testing, Condition Monitoring, Commissioning, Training, and Vibration Trending.

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Pro-Vibe Condition Monitoring
Pat Michels
N7505 540th Street
Menomonie, WI. 54751

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Cell Numbers: 336-267-6291
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Cell Number: 336-267-6291
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Yearly Calibration:

Pro-Vibe utilizes an IMI calibration shaker Pro-Vibe to check your Analyzer measurements. Pro-Vibe can also check your accelerometers & cables to make sure they are in proper operation.  Additional training can be provided at the same time by increasing your knowledge of your capabilities you have in your analyzer that you may not currently be utilizing. Bump tests, continuous monitoring during sweep measurements, balancing capabilities, and improved the use of waveforms in analysis.

Pro-Vibe can also update your machine templates with the latest alarms, and installing the latest software and analyzer firmware so you have the latest Commtest capabilities.  By tuning up your software, technical capability, and data files you will get more out of your companies vibration program.
Citrix GOTOMEETING Connection Training:

Pro-Vibe can now via GOTOMEETING citrix connection update your Ascent software so you are running the latest HVAC  templates and can instruct you technician on how to setup the software and sites/routes so the tech can in the future setup his own jobsites and collect all the correct data for vibration analysis.

Pro-Vibe can also connect to provide training on the software and use of the analyzer so your tech has the ability to acquire bump test data, perform sweep readings to find critical resonant issues on the test units.  The connection can also allow interaction on how to perform balancing on fans, pumps, and chillers.

Utilization of this service allows Training without the costs of Travel/Motel/Meals with a low cost per hour for connection.  You can have as many technicians on site learning from a single connection.  Cost per hour for training is only $85 per hour.


Training Video via Sony Walkman:

Pre-installed training videos produced by Pro-Vibe can be downloaded onto you computer or Sony Walkman to watch at the technicians convenience on all types of topics including how to setup a route/jobsite to how to setup the analyzer so you can collect sweep data or impact bump test data.

Sign up for a demo of the training provided by Pro-Vibe by using the site inquiry form!


Balancing & Laser Alignment:

Chiller balance on Trane CVHE/F is critical. The manufacturers limit on an air run w/o elbow is .1 in/sec at radial locations. The refrigerant run can increase 3 to 7 times the air run. I recommend balancing the air run w/o elbow to levels below .05 in/sec velocity. Normal balancing practices allow balance to be in the range of .03 in/sec velocity.

Fans or cooling towers normally balanced in 2-4 hours. Prior to balance make sure belts and sheaves are in good working order.

Laser alignment on pumps, open drive chillers, and cooling towers can normally be accomplished also within 2-4 hours. Balance and alignment documentation shows the improvements that can be accomplished.  This should increase bearing and equipment life so you get more out of your asset dollars.


Calculator/Software (TI 85/86):

Purchase a TI 86 Calculator loaded w/several helpful Infield Predictive Utilities to identify the cause of machine faults. (Belt) calculates the belt pass, motor speed, fan speed and harmonics of all these frequencies. The (Balance) Utility (1) Locates the location on the CVHE balance nut opposite heavy spot using Accelerometer or Bentley probes. (2) Other Programs perform conversion from Velocity to Mils, Oz to grams, etc. (3) (dB Calc) Calculates open Rotor Bars in motor current readings and more.


Report Generation:  

Pro-Vibe can Provide chiller reports for manufacturers on (Carrier, McQuay, Trane, York) chillers. Reports on Centrifugal, Screw, Scroll, Recip type chillers.
Custom formal reports can be generated from readings on CSI Mastertrend or VB Series Analyzers. Email Pro-Vibe the files and the reports will be generated. CSI or VB Series Analyzers can also be rented so you can collect vibration and current readings.
Rental Fees: $95 per day to $375 per week plus shipping & Insurance.
Reports for commissioning can be performed in an Access Database and converted to the Adobe pdf format. All machine reports are normally produced in the "WORD" or PDF file format.
Pricing on HVAC equipment vibration reports: 2010
Chillers/Air Compressors: $72.50
Fans & Pumps: $38.50
Commission reports: Call for Pricing



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