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Training can be accomplished by visiting this website and scheduling a class to get Level I, II, III for all Hardware equipment. They teach the concepts and not the equipment specifics. Training items from the initial vibration organization can be purchased from this website. Also you can sign up for classes and take your level I, II, and III from this organization! Summit Racing offers small scales that can be used to measure the required balancing weights for your balance jobs. You will need one to measure your balancing weights for the balance calculation!
PCB & IMI provide cables, accelerometers, charge amplifyers, etc and many other vibration accessories that you may need in your vibration program! Laptop computer balancing software can be purchased online from this website. If you have the VB1000 V analyzer you have the phase and amplitude values so all you need is the software to balance any HVAC equipment! Checking with other professionals in your predictive maintenance field can be done by visiting this website. Sessions are open at all times to ask questions and get answers by those who are doing the same job as you are!
To purchase your VB analyzer visit website and get the information and phone numbers to contact your local representative so he can call on you and introduce himself as to the products they have to offer for your vibration program! Ordering many other accessories like connector boxes, cables, accelerometers, and the like, but with a little more confusion on the options. They have a larger selection that makes it more confusing on what to order! Vibration Equipment can be purchased directly online for all your predictive maintenance needs at this website. The VB 1000 V can be ordered online with your credit card!
When you need new chargers, batteries, cables, accelerometers, magnets, and many more accessories visit this website and order online for ease and speed in getting those items. Alignment tools can be purchased on this website. The Belt Hog line and the Fixturlaser lines are well represented on this website. Laser tools for pumps, cooling towers and belt drive equipment can be purchased here! Balancing weights for all types of fan types and alignment shims plus other accessories can be ordered online from this website!

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