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2018 Offering:

Use your phone to collect your HVAC vibration data.

Contact Pro-Vibe Condition Monitoring to get setup to be able to collect all your customers vibration readings right on your phone.


No reason to purchase a $10,000-$15,000 Vibration Anlayzer anymore.

Simply upload the VibCloud APP on you Android phone and you are all set to collect Vibe Data. 



We setup your routes and all you have to do is collect the data.

We will review your vibration readings after they have been downloaded on the cloud and we generate a Complete

Vibration Report and forward to you via email or put in a folder on Dropbox for you to upload to your system.

Please contact Pro-Vibe to be setup on this sytem now.

This will allow you at anytime to collect vibration readings on any piece of equipment when you are doing your

Scheduled or Unscheduled visits to your customers.  This also will allow you to get a report when you 

are still on site for immediate response situation as to the vibration issues that are present on your customers equipment.


Please call Brian at 435-714-3945 or Pat at 336-267-6291 


Vib Cloud
2018 Method of Collecting Vibration Readings


Commtest has new offering of Analyzers  VB-5 VB-6 VB-7 VB-8  Note the Ascent software is not being
upgraded so keep a current version and keep your batteries in good condition.
You can still purchase this equipment if this approach still is what is best for your Company. 

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Coast to Coast Utilization of Predictive Maintenance
allows 100% Uptime for you.

Predictive Maintenance Services

Pro-Vibe’s Anti-Vibe Solutions

Report Generation for VB Analyzers Ascent or CSI Mastertrend Software!
Balancing Trane Chillers (CVHE/F)
Balance infield Fans and Cooling Towers
Laser Alignment on Pumps, Cooling Towers,
and open drive chillers
Vibration Diagnostics on all HVAC Equipment
Sound data collection Diagnostics
Corrective action on Fans, Belt Laser alignment
Ultrasonic Testing
Commission Vibration Testing and Reporting

Consulting And Training Services
Ascent Software assistance utilizing 
Training Video's On File

Pro-Vibe for Predictive Maintenance Services