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Belt Driven Fan:




  • Fan Issues:
  • Balance of fan wheel. Above .2 in/sec velocity pk. should be balanced to less than .1 in/sec velocity pk.
  • Belt related vibration with several harmonics. Again levels above .2 in/sec velocity pk should be attended to by replacement of worn sheaves, new belts and laser alignment.
  • Belt alignment.
  • Drive sheave unbalance and worn sheave likely to cause belt related vibration.
  • Check for rust on all joints on higher vibration units. These usually mean cracks that need attention.
  • Exhaust fan style units
  • Watch for belt related issues. Refer to the belt calculator frequency when analyzing the spectral plot.
  • Balance is usually more difficult on these type fans. If you can use two plane I prefer having outboard and near side wheel as same plane and drive bearing and outside wheel refered to as the same plane.
  • Try not to have adjustable pitch sheaves on motor drive.
  • Motors usually vibrate more than fan bearings. Normally unit has a weak motor base.
  • Vibration Faults:
  • Balance on wheel
  • Belt pass faults and harmonics
  • Balance of motor
  • Alignment between drive sheaves.
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