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VB Operation Instructions:

VB Series Operation Instructions

*Turn on analyzer by pressing the button. Make sure the accelerometer cable is connected to the analyzer BNC connector on the top of the analyzer
*Press (Menu) button
*Press (4) button to access the current route
*Press (Shift) (^v) to move up in route to access a machine
*Press (Shift) (^v) to move down in a route to access a machine
*Press (^v) to move up one location point in route
*Press (^v) to move down one location point in route
*When at the machine and measurement location point in a route and you are ready to acquire data. Install the accelerometer at the measurement location (point) on machine then press the button
*Enter correct machine operating RPM by entering the digits that reflect that RPM. When correct value is displayed on screen press the button
*All readings for that point will be collected by the analyzer
*Move the accelerometer to next measurement location point and press the button to ready the analyzer for data collection on this new location
*If the RPM is the same as the previous measurement location point press button and that RPM will be redisplayed on the screen. If the RPM is different enter the correct digit values using the numbers on analyzer. When correct RPM is displayed on the screen
*Press to start the data collection on this new measurement location point
*After the present measurement location point has been collected the analyzer moves automatically to the next measurement location point on the present machine or it jumps to the next machine in the route
*Repeat till all the measurement location points have been collected on this machine
*If you are going to collect the motor current data (Chillers) then remove the accelerometer cable from the top of the analyzer and connect the current clamp to the BNC connection. Clamp the current clamp around one of the supply line wires to the motor and press the button and press to collect readings
*When all the points are collected on this machine you can move to any machine in the route by using the <^v> or <^v> (Up or Down) the route until you find the machine of interest

The CVHE/F chillers should have a stud to mount the accelerometer at the 5:30 position on the bearing cover. I have provided an accelerometer that has the 910 adapter installed on it for this axial l measurement location point. Simply remove the magnetic mounted accelerometer from the cable and replace with the stud-adapted accelerometer for these readings. Use a crescent wrench on the accelerometer and snug the accelerometer to the stud. High frequency transfer of information requires a good solid mounting.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 336-267-6291 during the day for additional assistance.


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